Philanthropy workshops by John Zheng


To cultivate outstanding international philanthropy talents, Li Foundation has launched the China Philanthropy Leaders Fellowship Programme (“CPLFP”) in June 2021. One of the key curriculums of CPLFP is the training workshops conducted by Mr. John Zheng, a philanthropy advisor of Li Foundation. The workshops focus mainly on three core competencies: Comprehensive business abilities Cross-border cooperation […]

Cultural Gap By Dr. Koh Chin Yee


As we continue to undercover and create a link between the philanthropy activities in Singapore and China, LI Foundation team had an opportunity to understand on the delicate differences between the cultures of the two countries from our special guest, Dr Koh Chin Yee. He opined that the subtle differences between the two cultures are […]

A Better Asia Through Philanthropy

Philanthropy Workshops - A Better Asia Through Philanthropy

Asia Philanthropy Circle Sharing Session 07 May 2021 Lionel first met Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC) Co-Founder Laurence in Beijing five years ago. They crossed paths in the foreign land half a decade later due to their involvement in charity activities. On the morning of 7 May 2021, APC and Li Foundation held their first philanthropy […]

Crossings Cafe, Lovely Paths

Philanthropy Workshops - Crossings Cafe, Lovely Paths

08 April 2021 On a sunny morning in the first week of April, a bright and lively conversation took place at the Crossings Cafe next to St. Peter’s Church. Through the network and connection of SymAsia (philanthropic foundation of Credit Suisse in Asia), Mr. Willie Cheng shared his years of invaluable experiences with relations to […]

Session with Mr. Tan Cheng Gay


31 March 2021 Appreciating the Past, Paying it Forward It is our honour to have received Mr. Tan Cheng Gay, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of EnGro Corporation Limited at our office for an insightful sharing session. Both parties came together to exchange views on common subjects such as venture capital, innovative sustainable solutions and […]

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy

Workshop Lee Kuan Yew School Of Public Policy

20 March 2021 We had the honor to have students from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (NUS)’s Master of Public Administration and Management (MPAM) program invite Lionel, the founder of Li Foundation, to share his personal experiences as a successful venture capitalist and philanthropy leader, as part of their learning journey in […]

SportCares Program Review

SportCares Workshops

29 January 2021 In this session, we had a 2019 – 2020 program review on the SportCares – Li Foundation Multisport Programme. Our partners from SportCares, Sports SG and Triathlon Singapore shared with us on the changes, growth and impact on the youths that had participated in the past 15 months. We had a discussion […]

Quantedge Foundation

Quantedge Foundation

22 January 2021 This was a meaningful sharing session as Quantedge Foundation and Li Foundation sat together to have an overview of both our organisations. Quantedge Foundation, a philanthropic foundation established by the principals of Quantedge Capital (a fund management company) to support a wide range of charitable causes. Through this session, we learnt about […]

John Zheng

philanthropy workshop -John Zheng

18 December 2020 Philanthropy Advisor, John Zheng shared a session on Purpose, Passion, and Philanthropy. He touched on the importance of the purpose for individuals and organizations and why purpose is a great motivational factor that would drive individual and organizational behaviors.  By understanding purpose better, organizations can better align purpose with profit and identify […]

Liu Jing

philanthropy workshop-Liu Jing

27 November 2020 We had the honour to have Ms Liu Jing, an undergraduate of the Master of Public Administration and Management (MPAM) program offered by the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (NUS), share with us on her experiences and contributions over the years in our very first philanthropy workshop. Since young, Ms Liu was […]