Children’s Day Celebration with SportCares and PPIS
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Children’s Day Celebration with SportCares and PPIS

Children’s Day… a commemorative day celebrated annually in honor of children around the world. Li Foundation joined SportCares and Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura (“PPIS”) in their virtual celebration this year with the theme ‘Overcoming Challenges’.

Kicking start the event, Lionel gave the children his words of encouragement to brace through this difficult time by taking good care of themselves and exercising regularly. Childhood is something that money can’t buy and we all have learnt valuable lessons from the children around us. “Always work hard to achieve your goals and nothing will be impossible for you in life. Your potential is beyond your imagination!”

Mdm Tuminah (CEO of PPIS) and Mr Shawn (Head of SportCares) both shared how happy they were to see all the children with smiles on their faces and hear their laughters which brings so much joy to all of us in the celebration. As Mdm Tuminah says, “A healthy body makes a healthy mind”. They truly believe things will get better soon and fun physically activities and events will resume.

Children’s Day Celebration with SportCares and PPIS

The event continues as the SportCares Youth Instructors went through light warm-up exercises, sing and dance with the song “Try Everything’ by the children at PPIS and Kahoot online quiz to refresh the CareRunners trainings takeaways for the children. More words of encouragement were also shared by the coaches, youth instructors and student officers from the Singapore American School, Damian and Leo who had put together and launched the Code for All program with their team at the two PPIS Centres. Youth instructor, Hanisah shared a video on “A Lesson on Resilience” that helped the children understand how one should be resilient during times like this. No matter how many times we fail, let’s get up and try again!

After an hour of online fun activities, the children each received a Children’s Day Gift – An Active Health Play Mat which allows them to assess, step and play for fitness, anytime, anywhere.

A special video reciting the poem, “Let Kids be Kids” was put together by the familiar faces of those around them was aired to end this celebration on a high note. Children are the most beautiful creations and the World’s most valuable hope for the future.

From all of us at Li Foundation, we wish all children a Happy Children’s Day!!

Children’s Day Celebration with SportCares and PPIS

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