China Philanthropy
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In June 2021, Li Foundation (“LIF”) initiated the China Philanthropy Leaders Fellowship Programme (“CPLFP”). A programme specially designed with an aim to support young outstanding philanthropic leaders from China through in-depth studies, hands-on practical trainings and internships in Singapore. CPLFP is set out to groom and preserve a talented pool of international professionals by broadening their global exposure, enhancing cross-disciplinary perspectives and social innovativeness. This also includes strengthening their leadership and communication skills, and more. The programme has received support from the Asia Philanthropy Circle (“APC”).


Building an Asian philanthropic talent ecosystem

CPLFP will not only cultivate and enhance the skill-sets of young philanthropic leaders, the programme is also set out to positively impact the lives of others through the influence and commitment of these leaders. Ultimately, this programme hopes to develop a community and pipeline of impactful global philanthropy professionals.

China Philanthropy Leaders Fellowship Programme


The programme consists of several components:

China Philanthropy Leaders Fellowship Programme

- Workshops

LIF will provide workshops covering topics such as business logic, wealth management, family inheritance and philanthropy, impact investment, fund-raising operations, multiculturalism and leadership. LIF has also invited philanthropy advisor Zheng Wei, President of the Nanyang Society and “Singapore Eye” ( Managing Director, Dr. Koh Chin Yee to conduct workshops on relevant topics.

- Internship and exchange

In the form of internships and exchanges through the APC platform, fellows will learn about the general situation of Asian philanthropy, philanthropy strategy, social innovation, project development and design, and how to connect with global philanthropy.

China Philanthropy Leaders Fellowship Programme
China Philanthropy Leaders Fellowship Programme
China Philanthropy Leaders Fellowship Programme
China Philanthropy Leaders Fellowship Programme

- Visiting philanthropy and charity organizations

Field visits and exchanges will be conducted with philanthropy foundations and charity organizations in Singapore. The inaugural fellow Liu Jing discovered that there are many small and beautiful local organizations in Singapore. They are not very large in size, but they can play the role of fulcrum and leverage.

- English Language Study

Through systematic English language courses and the exposure to English-speaking internship environment, fellows have the opportunity to break down their barriers and build connections with the world.

China Philanthropy Leaders Fellowship Programme


Liu Jing is the inaugural fellow of CPLFP. The young Chinese national has had 16 years of prior experience in the philanthropic field. During her postgraduate studies at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore, Liu Jing was engaged in multiple insightful exchanges with LIF. Both parties shared similar values and opinions about the philanthropy climate in China. During her three months on-the-job learning in APC, she has been actively networking and pushing forward several related projects.

China Philanthropy Leaders Fellowship Programme

Lionel, the founder of LIF said, “As a former student beneficiary of Project Hope and her past philanthropic involvement upon graduation, Liu Jing has found the meaning and value in generating love and positivity. This is the kind of inspiring anecdote and motivation that we seek in a future philanthropic leader for the programme.”

APC is a membership platform for Asian philanthropists to jointly grow the impact of their philanthropy and to catalyze an Asian Philanthropy. The realization of such aspirations is dependent on the cultivation of more talents in philanthropy. APC is drawn to CPLFP’s mission and objectives, and has been fervently providing the necessary platform, intellectual support and required resources to make the programme a success.

Both LIF and APC hope to skillfully propose strategized launches for the programme in order to promote mutual philanthropic exchanges and development in the whole of Asia. 

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