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China Philanthropy Online Forum

On 20th May 2021, an online exchange forum between philanthropists from and within China and the rest of Asia was put together in partnership with the Asia Philanthropy Circle (APC). 

Lionel and Li Foundation actively organized and invited numerous influential philanthropists and members of charitable organizations in China to join us in this forum. APC members have active impact projects in China and this gave us an opportunity to understand each other’s programs as well as for us to benefit greatly from learning and exchanging with China’s rising philanthropists. 

China Philanthropy Online Forum

Co-Founder and CEO, Mr. Laurence Lien kicked start the session with a background introduction of APC. This was followed by the sharing of the various key topics by our distinguished guest speakers.

China Philanthropy Online Forum
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Stacey shared on the various past and on-going projects that APC members have contributed and participated in different capacities in China.

China Philanthropy Online Forum
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Professor Wang shared his views on the possible opportunities for collaborations between the philanthropists, foundations and organizations in China and Asia. He personally feels that this forum has set off to a good start towards a sustainable development of a relationship and he is looking forward to participate and support in the near future.

China Philanthropy Online Forum
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With the current global pandemic, Mr. Hu shared that many charitable organizations and foundations are facing challenges as cross-border giving and collaboration between China and foreign foundations have become stagnant. However, he sees a promising future as China and Asia foundations come together in creating a brand new link around ‘LOVE’ and ‘GOOD’.

China Philanthropy Online Forum
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Mr. Liu shared with us on the ‘Bona Villa – Poverty Alleviation through Tourism’ Program that was launched by the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation in 2013.

China Philanthropy Online Forum

Ms Alice Lau, a merchant who is now a corporate citizen through philanthropy shared with us on Alashan SEE Foundation: Society of Entrepreneur & Ecology that focuses on environmental sustainability. With over 30 project centers in different parts of China, the foundation has support over 800 environmental organizations in projects that include turning a former polluted steel plant into a national 4A-level scenic spot. She is excited to explore the potential collaboration with Asian philanthropists as that will allow everyone to learn and grow together. 

Case Study: "Beautiful Villages": An Innovative Model of Rural

China Philanthropy Online Forum

By exploring a brand-new model of poverty alleviation through development of rural tourism, the program set up platforms by bridging the rural areas and the outside world, re-evaluate the poverty-stricken villages and create chances for development. The program has created more than 100 new jobs, and more than 30 targeted people for poverty alleviation were employed.

This online exchange forum has been an eye-opening experience for all. Eminent experts and leaders within the philanthropy sector in China and Asia gathered and allowed us to learn from their successful programs and explore opportunities where philanthropists from both China and the rest of Asia can collaborate towards a sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive future.

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