philanthropy workshop -John Zheng
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John Zheng

18 December 2020

Philanthropy Advisor, John Zheng shared a session on Purpose, Passion, and Philanthropy. He touched on the importance of the purpose for individuals and organizations and why purpose is a great motivational factor that would drive individual and organizational behaviors. 

By understanding purpose better, organizations can better align purpose with profit and identify how philanthropy can shape your organization in achieving social impact and sustainability.


The specific steps to find your purpose and reach alignment between purpose and philanthropy are as follows:

Step 1: In-depth internal reflection to understand and clarify individual and family core values

Step 2: Value-based learning and networking

Step 3: Practice begins within your close communities 

Step 4: Collaborate with other funders who share the common values

Step 5: Build your life and family legacy through philanthropy

The session takes a more strategic and longer-term view of philanthropy’s role in building a family legacy and how it can contribute to multi-generational family successions through specific examples of families across China, North America, and Europe. These real examples helped us better understand the importance of philanthropic planning in family successions regardless of cultural differences.

The workshop also weighed the considerations and implications of specific strategic approaches using different philanthropic vehicles and structures to hold core family values in perpetuity and achieve family unity and business successions across multiple-generations.

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