Limits and Dreams

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42.195 and Beyond is a photo-journal published in Singapore with the purpose of inspiring people to boldly challenge their limits and pursue their dreams. The book tells the stories of runners taking on the seven continents, overcoming the freezing Arctic and surmounting the obstacles of Mount Everest. The Limits and Dreams Photography Exhibition was officially launched on 19th December 2018 to display the inspiring moments captured during the World Marathon Challenge and North Pole Marathon that took place in the same year.

Limits and Dreams

From left: 

Matt Hu (CIO of FengHe Group)

Ada Zhang (Exhibition Curator)

Laurence Lien (Co-Founder of APC)

Lionel Li (Founder of Li Foundation)

Limits and Dreams
Limits and Dreams

World Marathon Challenge

The World Marathon Challenge is a logistical and physical challenge to run 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days. Within 168 hours, runners must fly to every marathon location to complete a 42.195km full marathon within a stipulated time.

Limits and Dreams
Limits and Dreams

The World’s coolest Marathon

The North Pole Marathon has a standard 42.195 km marathon distance. The marathoners have to run around a 4.22 km loop 10 times over hard snow and the frozen ice of the Arctic Ocean. It has been dubbed by the Runner’s World magazine as the “World’s Coolest Marathon” and recognised by Guinness World Records as the “Northernmost Marathon on Earth”.

Limits and Dreams
Limits and Dreams
Limits and Dreams

“To look and dream of what lies across the ocean requires courage, but more importantly, we need to build a ship that can take us there. Without determination and perseverance, dreams will stay as dreams. To live a life with no regrets, we need to practise, practise and practise!

Life is always paved with challenges! Many lose heart in the face of difficulties and allow uncertainties to stand in their way. However, patience is our most powerful weapon in overcoming difficulties. It is only when we suffer 99% of the pain can we feel that life begins to blossom with the pleasure of success. 

Look into your heart and ignite your passion. Identify your goals, gather the right resources, be a team player, practice and be patient… 

Your potential is beyond your imagination!”

– Lionel Li 


42.195 & Beyond


Published: December 2018, Singapore
ISBN: 978-981-11-9544-0

The book showcases how the participants challenged their limits and conquered the World Marathon Challenge and North Pole Marathon to inspire people to challenge their own limits and pursue their dreams boldly.

1045 追梦的距离


Published: October 2019, Taiwan
ISBN: 978-986-98278-0-5

The book tells the stories behind the event which saw the largest number of people in history running  1045km round Taiwan in 19 days.