MPS Philanthropy Leadership Development Project

The MPS Philanthropy Leadership Development Project is an innovative programme aimed at offering comprehensive education and action learning opportunities for Chinese philanthropic leaders.

The MPS programme covers three crucial aspects:

Mastering, Philosophy, and Social Science.

MPS Philanthropy Leadership Development Project
  • The Mastering aspect of the programme focuses on the basic skills and core competencies needed in the development of the philanthropic industry;
  • The Philosophy aspect of the programme focuses on expanding the vision and cultivating morality among philanthropic leaders. Courses in this area include Ethics for Non-Profits and History of Charity in China, which aims to help participants develop a deeper understanding of the values and principles that underlie philanthropy;
  • The Social Science aspect of the programme teaches philanthropic activists about the social systems and structures that underlie philanthropy, covering topics such as sociology, economics, and political science. By understanding the broader social context, participants can develop effective strategies and initiatives that create a lasting impact.

The MPS Philanthropy Leadership Development Project’s key objective is to develop the leadership potential of 20-30 Chinese philanthropic leaders each year. Through teaching, local-based study, self-learning, and action research, the program has trained over 260 philanthropic leaders since its inception in 2013. With the support of Li Foundation since 2022, this project is cultivating a new generation of philanthropic leaders who will create a more just and equitable world.

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