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Philanthropy workshops by John Zheng

To cultivate outstanding international philanthropy talents, Li Foundation has launched the China Philanthropy Leaders Fellowship Programme (“CPLFP”) in June 2021. One of the key curriculums of CPLFP is the training workshops conducted by Mr. John Zheng, a philanthropy advisor of Li Foundation.

The workshops focus mainly on three core competencies:

Comprehensive business abilities

Cross-border cooperation abilities

International communication abilities


It is further divided into four sub-modules: i) Cross-cultural communication and leadership; ii) Charitable fundraising; iii) Charity finance; and iv) Philanthropy planning.

During the once a week training, each workshop incorporates theoretical knowledge explanation, real case studies and open discussions. This allows the trainees to have a deeper understanding of the logic behind each module.

In the ‘Cross-Cultural Communication and Leadership’ workshop, Mr. Zheng touched on the cultural gap between the East and the West, and how to integrate Chinese and Western philanthropy from an international perspective. Sharing in details in the ‘Public Fundraising and University Foundations’ workshop, Mr. Zheng explained the framework and practices of international charity fundraising, including how to help charity organizations develop the lifetime value of donors through professional fundraising. In the ‘Foundation Impact Investment Management’ workshop, there was an in-depth discussion on what mission-driven investment is, why the foundation invests, and the advantages and disadvantages of the investment process.


Singapore is one of the countries in Asia with relatively developed family offices. Family philanthropy and its legacy have their own history, characteristics and strong development trends. In the last workshop on ‘Family Philanthropy Process and Planning’, Mr. Zheng gave a systematic explanation of family philanthropy from the perspective of a philanthropy advisor. This includes the key elements of the development, value and planning of family philanthropy.

After the course of these training workshops, the trainees expressed that it had been really rewarding and they have gained a lot of knowledge from the modules covered. Liu Jing said: ‘The whole learning process has been a very pleasant experience. Classroom learning is only the first step, more importantly, with the integration of knowledge and actions, we can further promote cross-cultural communication and charity cooperation in the future. This is the ultimate mission of the philanthropy talents of CPLFP!’

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