The Moh Foundation: Caring, Developing and Enhancing

The Moh Foundation:
Caring, Developing and Enhancing

The Moh Foundation (“TMF”), is a family foundation started by Mr. Michael Moh and Mrs. Peggy Moh, son and daughter-in-law of the late furniture tycoon, Mr. Laurence Moh in continuing his philanthropic legacy. TMF prioritizes integrity, investment in people, entrepreneurship, and innovation with a belief in order to give effectively, one needs to be a good listener in understanding the needs of those working for positive change. Together with their partners, TMF works towards a shared goal of uplifting individuals so that they can one day be part of the giving community.

Mr. and Mrs. Moh were cordially invited to Li Foundation to catch up with our Chairman, Lionel on each other’s philanthropy vision and projects involvement locally and globally. TMF holds a vision on transforming communities by making education, clear vision, and patient-centered social services available to underprivileged populations, helping them to build futures for themselves. This is in-line with LIF’s projects such as the SportCares – Li Foundation Multisport Program and the Code for All initiative that allows the younger generations to explore and maximize their potential through different ways.

With the same purpose in mind, LIF and TMF will continue to reach out and integrate our resources into our eco-system, creating a multiplier effect resulting in a magnified impact to the wider community. We hope to also influence the future changemakers and inspire them in making a difference.

The Moh Foundation: Caring, Developing and Enhancing

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